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We've traveled a lot, over the years. In doing so, trial and error has led us to some pretty good ideas about some items that are helpful to have when traveling abroad. 

Of course, our opinion is free, so don't feel compelled to grab these, but we think it's a good place to start.

Click on each picture to learn more.

Power Adaptor

Note: This is not a power converter. It will work with any dual voltage appliance, however.

You can tell if something is dual voltage, if somewhere on the appliance it reads something like, "voltage 110/240v".

If it does, you're good. If it only reads, "110v", it will burn out very quickly without an additional power converter.

There are some adaptors that are also power converters, that cost a little more.

Most laptops, tablets, cell phones, flat irons, curling irons, and camera battery chargers ARE dual voltage.

Portable Charger

We know, the phones never turn off, but on tour they can be even more valuable than normal: from using GPS to navigate around the city to using Google Translate when trying to find a restroom.

We like this line because they charge devices quickly. There are more expensive options in this line if you want more charges without re-charging the charger.




The word has kind of lost its meaning, now.


Power Strips

It's always a good idea to have a small one of these available. You never know wha the outlet situation will be in a hotel, and not charging everything just isn't an option.

We included three different options that are designed well for multiple plugs, but small enough to not be a packing burden.

Neck Pillow

The flights will be long, and we'll be spending a LOT of time on busses.

Some people can't live without these. Some people don't like to worry about lugging them everywhere.

In any case, these are a few we like. The first two are very portable. Good when space is at a premium.


If you already have luggage, great! Our recommendation is that you bring carry-on size cases that measure

22" x 14" x 9". That size will fit most overhead compartments. 

If you do not yet have luggage, we've given you a few choices, here, in a range of prices, that are all highly rated, and have some great features.


We really recommend getting some kind of wallet/passport holder that you can put around your neck and/or under your clothing. 

Trust us on this. You do NOT want to have to deal with a stolen credit card or especially passport while on tour. It's a nightmare. Plus we will be constantly doing passport checks, and the easier it is to access for you, but not other people around you, the better.


Check out some of these great space-saving items

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