We're going to...

england, france, belgium, germany & austria

June 8-21, 2022

WWII & the western front

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Here's a list of the hotels at which we will be staying.

They are mostly confirmed, but we're still waiting for info for where we're staying in Normandy.

We'll get to those beds on planes!!
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Don't forget to turn in the documents below to either Mo, Mats, or Baughman

Travel Expectations - turn in last page

Prohibiting Alcohol

Health & Medical Profile


Here's the printable packing list

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Sie sprechen kein Deutsch?

We're going to be in countries where English is not the native language. I always challenge my travelers to learn enough to at least order food or ask for directions.

These resources might come in handy.

The language maps in this series are great to carry along during the trip. They're portable, inexpensive, and contain pretty much anything a traveler might need to communicate. They were great last time we were in France and Germany. Click on the maps to take you to Amazon where you can buy them.

Language Map - German